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Whether you are renovator of houses with “potential” or a builder of dream homes, at the end of the day, you’re in business to make a profit, sustain and prosper.

Making A Scene makes model home merchandising a unique experience. We act as your marketing partners.  When we do a good job, your profits follow quickly. Let’s face it, furnished and decorated model homes outsell unfurnished models more than 2.5 : 1. And model homes that show customers how that home “lives” command higher prices than models that fail to adequately showcase their design and lifestyle attributes.

Merchandising a model show home is much more than interior design. Interior Merchandising focuses on the homes design and the target market when planning furniture placement, accessories and traffic patterns. Combining creative design with consumer knowledge to produce “design themes” and “memory points” that emotionally connect with buyer profiles. In a well-merchandised model home, small rooms look bigger, big rooms look warmer and more inviting and highlighted features will stand out and “sell” themselves. This is particularly true if you merchandise special sexy features such as spas, wine cellars, writing lofts, art studios and other amenities that are aimed at the “hot buttons” of today’s homebuyer.

By focusing on the project design themes and the target buyer profile, many builders report increased values and sales rates for their sites.  In addition, several offers are made early in the process to purchase the merchandised model home, and on occasion when the offer is too good to turn down, we’ve moved, re-fitted some or all of the merchandise into another model home for the remainder of the sales process.  In some instances, the décor was included in the sale and at a profit for the builder. Make no mistake about it, these subsequent models are always different homes and elevations than the first, creating many unforeseen challenges. We view such requests as accolades – the ultimate measurement of success – being asked back again and again.

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