Every scene is unique and starts with you

Your success is because of our attention to detail, passion for craftsmanship, resourcefulness, accountability, uniqueness and creativity. But above all, it’s because YOU were heard, because we perfected our ability to listen, and actually “hear” what was and wasn’t being said. Ever notice that often partners have different objectives for life, let alone their projects? We find ways to “bridge” the communication gap to create environments that truly work for all parties.

Now more than ever, people are bombarded media, cellphones and interruption 24 hours a day. This creates major challenges at work and at home. We believe it starts with education: first by communicating with industry leaders, such as builders, industry principals, trend setters and government officials. Secondly, continuing our education by traveling the world to attend renowned trade-shows and participate in hands-on seminars. And lastly, by educating you about your options and the design process, while setting and managing your expectations.

Over the past 17 years Sandra Nash has been invited to participate in several Canadian / U.S. Government trade missions. In fact, she has helped hundreds of Canadian design professionals and firms by leading them on similar foreign trade missions to meet with the leading industry vendors and make connections that ultimately grow their businesses.


We are able to do this because, Making a Scene has established major accounts with leading furniture, drapery, lighting and accessory firms from around the world which gives you unlimited access to endless resources. In short we have the resources at our disposal to create your lifestyle stage, whether you are:

Creating your comfortable environment

At Making A Scene we help you build an easy-to-maintain comfortable environment, with minimal effort on your part. Busy executives need a living space that combines form, function and fashion.

Some interiors can have too much or not enough natural light, have too many hard surfaces (hardwood, marble or tile flooring; granite counters; stainless, etc.) and feel cold, industrial and uninviting. Textiles and fabrics, such as draperies, carpets, pillows and other soft furnishings are an essential element that are often overlooked or skimped on. Did you know that most people are afraid of using colour and are totally unaware of its impact on their environments? That paint is the most inexpensive way to transform a space? At Making A Scene we make you look up … treating the ceilings as your 5th wall, sometimes making them your focal point. In short, we help you understand and balance all the elements of design that make a house a home.

Making your space functional

You need the ability to be “productive” at home, without having your home looking like an office or a dumping ground. Often busy professionals struggle with combining the challenges of business and home life. We help you de-clutter and purge the unnecessary, highlight your signature sentimental pieces by splitting them to be showcased throughout the entire home or displayed in rotation seasonally. We create rooms that combine working space and beauty, sourcing furniture that suits multiple purposes – while maintaining contemporary or classic styles.

Bring your family together

In today’s busy world with TV, internet, competing work and children’s sporting schedules – it’s difficult to stay in touch. We understand that … when and where do you connect? The answer is simple, at home, that’s where! Sandra creates living rooms that are “lived in”, dining and great rooms where families can truly “communicate” and spend quality time. Often making such spaces multi-functional, serving many purposes!

Making your unique statement

Clients want unique places that reflect their personality … uniqueness. Have you ever wanted to make a statement, only to find someone else is like you? Cookie cutter solutions don’t cut it – when you are trying to make a statement. The focus should be about creating an original, sustainable, multifunctional space, designed around the client’s personality and lifestyle. When design professionals repeatedly duplicate their signature style, they don’t realize they are making the design about them rather than about their client. We use unique finishes and designs to create an environment that sets you apart from your crowd – spaces that impress even the most discerning tastes.

Creating your sanctuary

People today need to “escape” to decompress and think. Where do you do that? We will sit down and help you figure out whether it is one room or a wing of your home. Sandra’s intuitive approach helps you create spaces to escape and reflect, with rich tapestries, furnishings and design to set the mood.

Things to remember …

People need to have a ten year outlook vs a ten month outlook when they build or renovate. Cheap finishes are expensive to remove and redo later, not to mention a renovation is inconvenient to live through.

Our turn-key approach makes sure that all elements are covered … and we encourage you to use that china and silverware every day! Ever wonder why living rooms are called living rooms, when often no one ever lives in them? We help you transform those unlivable spaces, creating a multi-functional space that has purpose and isn’t just a showplace.