Harvis Barklay Homes

Steve Greer

“As a residential and commercial developer, I take pride in the quality of custom homes that Harvis Barklay builds. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of any successful project, from design – through to the choice of finishes, even the way light is used within a space.

So when it came to decorating both my home – the choice was clear. I expect the best and Sandra worked closely with Joanna and me to match our unique tastes and desires to create a wonderful vignette that has transformed our home. Her careful attention to textures, furniture size, accessories resulted in a dramatic set of “spaces” that truly makes a dramatic statement. In my business – making that statement is the difference between doing a good job and truly delighting my clientele.

Over the years, I have worked with Sandra who has really helped me develop the right environment and final finishing touches for several of our custom homes. She builds on my ideas and customer needs – rather than forcing her own concepts on me. She truly demonstrated how that final 10% can make an elegant statement which got me more interested in decorating and I haven’t stopped working with her since!”

President of Harvis Barklay Homes, Mississauga, ON


You can check out more information about the project here.